Beauty Review: My February Ipsy Bag

Beauty Review: My February Ipsy Bag | Writing Between Pauses

Another month, another Ipsy bag! I'm quite excited about this one. If you remember, last month's bag was a bit of a let down... so this month needed to be big or I was going to be over it. 

Well, Ipsy seems to know when they are starting to make me mad and this bag was truly my favorite in a long time! Don't forget to read my past Ipsy reviews to get an idea of how I review these and determine the value of each item. 

Let's jump into what I received!

1. F.A.R.A.H Angled Contour Brush 30F, $13

F.A.R.A.H actually sells these brushes in a variety of colors, but I received "Your Majesty" (purple). These are vegan brushes, which us always a plus, and quite soft for synthetic bristles. This brush is designed specifically for contour, bronzer, and blush. I am a little bit of a brush fanatic and I already have a preferred brush for my blush and contour. However, I do like this one for blush just a little bit more, although I find that the bristles are almost a little too soft. It's not a huge flaw, however, and it's nice to have a second option when it comes to blending blush! 

2. Ofra Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Ipsy Unzipped, $20

This is a dark pink color--not mauve-y, for once! When I first saw I was receiving it, I was a little frustrated because I have a ton of mauve-y pinks. However, this one definitely falls more into the "berry" family--making it ideal since I don't have a ton of light berry shades! I've never used Ofra before so I was really excited to try this liquid lip. I found the formula quite soft and comfortable, and very matte without being dry. However, I did find that it transferred and faded a lot, very quickly. Not a huge downside because it's such a pretty color and so comfortable, but something to be aware of! 

3. Estate Cosmetics Dew Me Baked Highlighter in Afterglow, $10

Estate Cosmetics is a brand known for making highlighters in unique, pretty shades. This one, Afterglow, is a iridescent lavender color; it's very pigmented, without being like a blush, and gives a nice highlight. Just be sure to go easy; when I first applied it, I realized I went a little too hard and looked a little like an Easter egg until I did some blending! The formula is very smooth and easy to use and the packaging is so cute. Millennial pink, baby! 

4. Biobelle Perfecting Primer Facial Mask, $9.98

I love getting face masks in my Ipsy bags! Seriously, if I get a mask, it's a good bag. These ones from Biobelle feature masks made of botanic fibers, which means they biodegrade (really cool!) These masks promise to boost texture, minimize pores, and even skin tone, making them ideal for wearing before you put on your make up. They contain tea tree oil, rosehips extract, vitamin C, and niacinamide, ingredients that are known to be good for the skin. However, I don't know about you, but I rarely have time to wear a mask for 10-15 minutes before I put on my make up! Not with a toddler, that's for sure. I wore these at night and definitely felt like my skin felt amazing afterwards. At $4.99 a piece, for valuation, I just doubled it--since I received 2! That means, this weekend, I'll be able to test this out before I put on my makeup. 

5. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in Light, $24

I literally just bought Shape Tape, so at first I was a little disappointed to receive a concealer in my bag. However, this concealer really blew me away. In terms of coverage, it covers everything. Seriously, everything. It is extremely thick and sticky, making it ideal for not just undereyes, but blemishes and more. And even though it's $24 for a tube that is barely bigger than a lipstick, a little goes a long way. I used a half-pea-sized amount on my entire face basically! I will say: the shade range is extremely disappointing with only 6 shades and only 2 of those shades being appropriate for people of color. I do my best to amplify brands that are diverse in terms of their offerings; it sucks that IT Cosmetics makes such an amazing product that most of the population simply can't use. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, this bag is valued at $76.98. That's pretty good for a bag that I love everything in (despite my disappointment in the late of IT Cosmetics shade range). Considering I did not love my bag last month, this felt like a nice breath of fresh air and I am really happy with everything I received. If you'd like to try out Ipsy, click here to use my referral link