My February 2018 Wrap Up

My February 2018 Wrap Up | Writing Between Pauses

As I wrote in my January wrap up, January felt like the longest month ever. Conversely, February feels like the absolute shortest month. How does that happen? February has notoriously been an important and hated month for me, evidenced by this tweet: 

Thankfully, this February has been relatively quiet. I did get called for jury duty, but thankfully, there are no jury selections scheduled for my day--score! (And before anyone asks, I understand jury duty is my civic duty... however, I've been called 5 times since I turned 18! The first time I was in high school. I've served way more than others!) 

A few really great things happened this February, which makes it stand out in a long line of bummer months. Let's talk about all the good stuff! 

Things I Loved

  • I know from many parents that all toddlers eventually develop their first obsession. For some, it was Monsters Inc., or Toy Story. I know Forrest's now. It's the Little Einsteins. It's a Disney Junior show where four very diverse characters (one is a conductor, another a ballerina, etc.) fly in a rocket ship to play music and solve problems. It's not a terrible show, but the rocket ship song will haunt my nightmares. This is motherhood, ordering 5 Little Einsteins DVDs only for your child to only want to watch one of them over and over and over...
  • Danny and I took a weekend trip to a family cabin in Sunriver, Oregon. It was so nice to get away for a little while, even if Forrest chose that weekend to throw several massive tantrums! It snowed, both there and at home, so we got a bit of fun weather. 

Things I Learned

  • First things first, we have to talk about my newest podcast obsession: This Podcast Will Kill You, a podcast about infectious diseases. It combines history with biology in a way that is so fascinating. The hosts are funny, educated, and insightful. The smallpox episode and the HIV episode stand out as my two favorites, but they're all good. As a warning, it can be quite gruesome--buth the payoff is great. I can't wait for season 2! 
  • My other new favorite podcast: Witch Please! Another podcast hosted by two women where they discuss Harry Potter in a way that is purely academic, funny, and purposefully ignores authorial intent (aka the bane of my existene when I talk critically about Harry Potter). I'm still binging, but I really, really love this one. 
  • If you haven't read the article from New York Magazine about the worst roommate ever, please click here and read it. Like many, I have a terrible roommate story (I learned my lesson and never had another), but goodness gracious, can you imagine living through that!? I am obsessed! 
  • One of my favorite artists is Sizzy Rocket, who just released a 3 song EP called Mulholland. Listen, that's way too few songs because it is so good. Please listen here

My Favorite Content

  • If you haven't been following my thread of observations I've made, after switching from a Personal Instagram to a Business Instagram, I highly suggest you click here. I'm going to be writing a much longer blog post on this eventually, with some quantified data (well, as good as my non-math brain can) and decisions about whether it's worth it. 
  • My February Ipsy Bag review: this is a favorite only because I'm so impressed with my own photography!
  • My Spring Color Series: I'm finishing up this week, but I've been having so much fun writing these, finding inspiration, and finding pieces that everyone can use to add some color to their winter wardrobes! 
  • My review of Lush's Bella Fruta box: This review was several weeks in the making; I put a lot of work into it (all those baths, "work") and I'm really happy with how it came out. My only regret? That I started using items before I took a better picture! You live and learn! 

I hope you all had a wonderful month. Drop your favorites, loves, and learns in the comments!