Spring Color Series: Canary Yellow

Spring Color Series: Canary Yellow | Writing Between Pauses

It's officially here: the last in my spring color series. (You can read all the other posts here.)

Putting these together every week has been one of my absolute highlights. These were never meant to be all that serious, but rather fun posts for me to explore colors that are trending and that we can all incorporate into our wardrobes (or decor) relatively easily and affordably. 

I saved my favorite for last: canary yellow. 

When I say canary yellow, however, I don't mean just bright yellow; I mean shades of chartreuse or lemon, mustard or rusty. All shades of yellow apply here, as long as it's beautiful, bright, and sunny. 

Let's jump in and talk about yellow--and what's inspiring me for this color! 


Yellow 3
Yellow 6

Yellow is one of those colors that is simultaneously always in fashion, but feels difficult to wear. When we talk about "yellow," some people imagine it as a sickly color or a childish color. Baby nurseries are butter yellow or sunny yellow. I once read a poem that described hospitals as smelling yellow. 

Some have mixed feelings about yellow... but I love it. 

A few years ago, mustard yellow everything was the trend. I had a mustard yellow skirt that I ended up shrinking in the washing machine (RIP yellow skirt) and a mustard yellow cardigan that I wore to my first ultrasound appointment. Mustard yellow was everywhere. 

Yellow can be one of those colors that's a little bit of everything; it goes with neutrals, but it can be paired with other bright or primary colors for a little bit of fun. It can be sunny, or preppy, or athletic. It can be whatever you want it to be. I specifically like it in these two color palettes because you can see how well it pairs with other neutrals (with gray for a more modern look, or with brown for something that's a little 1970s reminiscent). 

Top 3 Picks

Forever 21 lemon bag
Forever 21 shoes

1. Lemon Wedge Cross-body Bag

The cross-body bag trend isn't going away anytime soon. I know novelty bags are just that--novelties, a little impractical for day-to-day life. But just imagine wearing this lemon wedge bag with jeans and a gray cardigan to brunch. It's big enough to carry your essentials and cute enough to remind us that, despite the fact that it's snowing in places it really shouldn't, spring is coming! 

2. Ikebana for All A-Line Midi Skirt in Saffron Floral

This skirt reminds me so much of the mustard skirt I had... I almost ordered it. Almost. With a bright, pretty floral pattern and a gorgeous, buttery yellow color, this skirt is perfect for wearing to the office. Pair with some flats or kitten heels and a sweater for a perfect early Spring outfit. 

3. Faux Patent Leather Slide Sandals in Yellow

These sandals (yes, sandals, spring is going to get here, I promise) are the perfect addition thing to wear when you want to look trendy, but don't really have the cash. (They're less than $25. Really.) I would pair them with a striped skirt and a cardigan; but they'd also look great with skinny jeans or shorts. And their somewhat muted canary yellow color is great for the season and goes with just about every neutral.