Spring Color Series

Spring Color Series: Canary Yellow

Spring Color Series: Canary Yellow | Writing Between Pauses

It's officially here: the last in my spring color series. (You can read all the other posts here.)

Putting these together every week has been one of my absolute highlights. These were never meant to be all that serious, but rather fun posts for me to explore colors that are trending and that we can all incorporate into our wardrobes (or decor) relatively easily and affordably. 

I saved my favorite for last: canary yellow. 

When I say canary yellow, however, I don't mean just bright yellow; I mean shades of chartreuse or lemon, mustard or rusty. All shades of yellow apply here, as long as it's beautiful, bright, and sunny. 

Let's jump in and talk about yellow--and what's inspiring me for this color! 


Yellow 3
Yellow 6

Yellow is one of those colors that is simultaneously always in fashion, but feels difficult to wear. When we talk about "yellow," some people imagine it as a sickly color or a childish color. Baby nurseries are butter yellow or sunny yellow. I once read a poem that described hospitals as smelling yellow. 

Some have mixed feelings about yellow... but I love it. 

A few years ago, mustard yellow everything was the trend. I had a mustard yellow skirt that I ended up shrinking in the washing machine (RIP yellow skirt) and a mustard yellow cardigan that I wore to my first ultrasound appointment. Mustard yellow was everywhere. 

Yellow can be one of those colors that's a little bit of everything; it goes with neutrals, but it can be paired with other bright or primary colors for a little bit of fun. It can be sunny, or preppy, or athletic. It can be whatever you want it to be. I specifically like it in these two color palettes because you can see how well it pairs with other neutrals (with gray for a more modern look, or with brown for something that's a little 1970s reminiscent). 

Top 3 Picks

Forever 21 lemon bag
Forever 21 shoes

1. Lemon Wedge Cross-body Bag

The cross-body bag trend isn't going away anytime soon. I know novelty bags are just that--novelties, a little impractical for day-to-day life. But just imagine wearing this lemon wedge bag with jeans and a gray cardigan to brunch. It's big enough to carry your essentials and cute enough to remind us that, despite the fact that it's snowing in places it really shouldn't, spring is coming! 

2. Ikebana for All A-Line Midi Skirt in Saffron Floral

This skirt reminds me so much of the mustard skirt I had... I almost ordered it. Almost. With a bright, pretty floral pattern and a gorgeous, buttery yellow color, this skirt is perfect for wearing to the office. Pair with some flats or kitten heels and a sweater for a perfect early Spring outfit. 

3. Faux Patent Leather Slide Sandals in Yellow

These sandals (yes, sandals, spring is going to get here, I promise) are the perfect addition thing to wear when you want to look trendy, but don't really have the cash. (They're less than $25. Really.) I would pair them with a striped skirt and a cardigan; but they'd also look great with skinny jeans or shorts. And their somewhat muted canary yellow color is great for the season and goes with just about every neutral. 

Spring Color Series: Shades of Grey

Spring Color Series: Shades of Grey | Writing Between Pauses

Welcome to part 3 of my spring color series: all about grey. Grey is the most popular neutral out there at the moment, so it felt stupid to not include it. And just like millennial pink, there are lots of shades of grey out there (including my favorite, lavender-grey) to choose from. Don't forget to read about forest green and millennial pink

Grey has been definitely having a moment, just like millennial pink. Last summer, I painted a pretty significant wall in my house lavender-grey (and got so many compliments I ended up sending out paint samples to more than one person). Grey is definitely considered a neutral this day, meaning you can pair it with almost every other color out there--but especially the other three colors in this series. 



There are so many shades of grey and it's so easy to pair with just about everything. Whether you're looking at adding it to your decor (grey statement walls are very in, as are grey accessories) or incorporating it into your wardrobe, there are lots of directions to go without changing your entire room or wardrobe. An example: Danny and I have a brown-green couch; our lavender-grey wall goes really well with it, something I really needed because we didn't have money for a new couch; and we added dark green curtains to the window recently that really tied the room together. Whether you go for a cool-toned grey or something more brown-toned, there is a shade of grey for every use. 

Top 3 Picks

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.51.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.51.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.52.28 PM.png

1. Minimalist Bliss Ballet Flats from ModCloth 

These flats are so cute & the perfect piece to add to any neutral wardrobe. These chic ballet flats have an interesting silhouette (better than the standard rounded toe), meaning they will look good about anything. I read once that showing more of your foot creates a more "feminine" look: so pairing these with rolled up jeans and a t-shirt would be super cute. Or pair them with your favorite winter dress and a jacket for a breezy weekend look. They are effortlessly cute! 

2. Small Glass Vase from H&M 

When it comes to decor, sometimes less is more. I've been eyeing a few of these glass vases from H&M for a while; imagine them with a single flower, or a single fern leaf. Eye-catching, without breaking the bank. (They're only $3.99!) This one is a lovely, slightly lilac grey color that will look great on anyone's desk. 

3. Mid-Rise Distressed Girlfriend Grey Jeans from GAP

These are GAP's Girlfriend jeans, a cult favorite for their slightly relaxed cut with a narrow ankle. I said I never would, but I've been really wanting a pair of these slightly "mom-esque" jeans (I am a mom, after all) for a while and these ones fit the bill. Plus, since they are a beautiful grey color, I feel like it's less repetitive since you're not just buying another pair of blue jeans. I would pair these with a blouse and jacket for work, or a cozy sweater for the weekend. 

Spring Color Series: Millennial Pink

Spring Color Series: Millennial Pink | Writing Between Pauses

Millennial pink has been on the radar for at least the last year. I definitely noticed a sharp uptick in people dying their hair a really pretty shade of pastel pink last year. As someone with naturally almost-black hair who, even with professional help can't bleach my hair beyond orange, I was really, really jealous. I also remember reading an article around the beginning of last summer about how millennial pink was "the" color of millennials.

It's a pretty fair assessment. Look at the packaging for Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty line. The packaging for Fenty, too, is a pale, pale pink. We're seeing pale pink--and all it's variations--in packaging, flat lays, everything. Rose, dusty pink, rose gold... they all fall into the millennial pink family and it's hot

To read last week's take on forest green, click here


Pink Collage
Pink Pantone

Millennial pink is an almost universally flattering color because it's come in so many shades. Can't pull of baby pink? Try something a little more lavender. Want to go bright? Millennial pink has your back. I mean, look at these Pantone swatches! Prefer a little more coral? It's there too! And this is just a single screenshot of what Pantone considers millennial pink. There are so many options! How isn't this a perfect color for Spring? 

Top 3 Picks

Adidas Gazelle

1. adidas Gazelle Shoes

When I was around 12, I wanted nothing more than a pair of Adidas Gazelle shoes with pink stripes. My mom got me white and blue ones instead (shout out, mom). But I'll be honest: these ones really tug my heart strings. Millennial pink!? Suede?! I'm in. I'm there. Paired with rolled up skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt or sweater and you've got the cutest outfit on the block. You're welcome. (And they're only $60! Why do I remember them being more expensive?) 

2. Snap Button Denim Jacket from Forever 21

I've been looking for a denim jacket for ages. They tend to bounce between too fitted and too boxy. This one seems to hit the sweet spot (at least on the model) and, of course, the millennial pink color makes it perfect for dressing your standard late winter outfit for spring. Over dresses and tights? Yes. Layered with a sweater and leggings? Absolutely. 

3. ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter in Parallel

I knew I wanted to include one makeup item here--and let me tell you, millennial pink is way easier than forest green when it comes to makeup! This ColourPop Highlighter is only $8, to start, and the sunset-reminiscent millennial pink color makes it perfect for almost all skin types. (I've seen it used as a blush too and it's absolutely beautiful!) The perfect way to add a pop of pink on even your dreariest days. 

Spring Color Series: Forest Green

Spring Color Series: Forest Green

When I first set out to take on this Spring color series, I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to do it. I knew I wanted to include not just style, but beauty items; and I knew I wanted it to be more than some kind of wish list post (which I love, but aren't the most original). I had a hard time really pinning down what I wanted this post to look like, but after a lot of hard work... I got there. (And it should be said: I'm writing this Tuesday evening. Since November, my posts have been scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance, so I've really been spending time thinking on this one!  

Color Series: Forest Green Inspiration

Forest green, to me, is a neutral. As a color, it can vary from the darkest shades to the lighter, olive tones, but it always recalls a deep, dark forest. It's a natural color and one that it almost universally flattering. Green has always been one of my favorite colors. Forest green pairs well with gray, pink, white and cream, black, and coral. 


When it came to finding inspiration, I picked anything that really inspired me to incorporate forest green into my style for the upcoming season. You know I love woodsy chic anything, so the forest green enamel mugs are right up my alley.

I'm looking to add forest green curtains to my living room to go with my lavender-gray wall, so decor pieces have been inspiring me lately. In terms of fashion for spring, forest green is a great color for cable knit sweaters; for those of us who have late summers, we're still wearing sweaters into April and May, and they pair well with skinny jeans and ankle boots. I think it's safe to say the world has been obsessed with palm print in the last few  years & it's probably not going away; I'm on the hunt, personally, for a palm print scarf that doesn't break the bank. 

(Click each photo for their source!) 

Top 5 Picks

Too Faced
Body Shop

Now, what 5 items are perfect for adding to your spring wardrobe or makeup collection to add some forest green? Let's talk. 

1. Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette

Controversially, I love Too Faced palettes; I know some don't love their eye shadow formulation, but I find it's easiest for me to use. This palette is particularly attractive to me--and that pop of forest green in the corner is making me think of ways to save up money for this palette! This palette also contains other complimentary colors, and a super bright pink for the days you aren't feeling so green. On my Spring Color Series Pinterest board, I pinned some ways to wear forest green eyeshadow. 

2. Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Midnight Wasabi

It's a green lipstick. You heard me: a green lipstick. Midnight Wasabi from Fenty is really causing waves and for good reason: it looks good on nearly everybody. It's a grey-toned green, almost olive, but still forest-y. And it's really pretty on. If you want to be adventurous with green with spring, Midnight Wasabi is where it's at. 

3. ModCloth's With Only a Wink Dress

It's been a long time since I genuinely wanted a dress from ModCloth so bad it hurt--but this dress is definitely giving me fashion-blogging-circa-2012 vibes. The lattice panel across the shoulders. The high waist with a bow. The floaty skirt. And in a toned down forest green, it's perfect for any special occasion (like a spring wedding!) and with a sweater & tights, you can wear it to work too. Once summer is here, a light cardigan on top and your favorite wedges make it a great weekend dress. Listen, I just planned this dress for every season; it's clearly the best. 

4. A Classic Fine Knit Sweater from H&M

I wear sweaters almost constantly. I rarely leave the house without a cardigan and my go-to outfit is jeans, ankle boots, and a sweater. So obviously, this sweater from H&M had to make the list; it's a classic shape with no surprises. Have you ever spotted a cute, lightweight sweater in a department store, walked over to it, and discovered it has some random cut out on the back, or some weird design on it? Yeah, that's the worst. That's why I like this sweater: it's the perfect, low-key sweater that you can wear casual on the weekends (jeans & ankle boots, natch) and style up for work (add a blazer & a pencil skirt). Plus, it's just under $20. That's a score! 

5. The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Scrub

You deserve a treat. A forest green treat. A green tea treat. I love the Body Shop & I recently found out they are officially cruelty-free again (a.k.a., no longer owned by a parent company that tests on animals). That means we can all enjoy their products guilt free. Like this Fuji Green Tea exfoliating scrub: forest green and smelling delicious, it gives you a much needed pick-me-up. Plus, we're all going to be wearing sleeveless tops soon (believe it and it'll be true, right?), which means we need to make sure our skin is looking snatched. 

Have something of the forest green variety to add? Let me know on Twitter & don't forget to check out my Spring Color Series board on Pinterest, where I've pinned all my inspiration, favorite items, and more!