Spring 2018

My May 2018 Review: Hello Summer!

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Remember how I mentioned that April was kind of a doozy? I feel like I've been saying this every month since January and it just keeps... going. How do I stop the dooziness? How can I make each month just, like, 25% more boring? 

May was a good month, though. Not as stressful as March, which truly took the care in terms of "how can all these bad things happen in one month", and at least we had better weather than April. Just like last month, I'm going to do something a bit different and just talk about how my life has been--something I don't do a lot here on my blog in between all the "business", you know! 

1. Enjoying (All My) Work Again

I think like most people, I tend to wax and wane in terms of enthusiasm for basically everything. Or maybe that's just a me thing, but it seems a little universal sometimes. For example, some days, I love this blog. I think about how much I enjoy it, how I've enjoyed improving my photography these last few months, and how good it feels to really be seeing growth in my blog. I've been feeling that way about everything in my life lately. Recently, I've been feeling a major slump with just about everything: at my day job, I felt uninspired and like I wasn't doing a good job (a byproduct of imposter syndrome, probably); at home, I couldn't find the motivation to clean or cook. It was just a bit of a slump. But in May, I felt like everything clicked back into place. Was it the nice weather? All I know is I've been loving working out lately, loving going to work, loving researching blog post topics. 

2. Confronting Our Fears

I am by nature a scaredy-cat. I'm scared of pretty much everything. Heights, flying, bugs of all kinds (yes, even ladybugs), the dark, heavily wooded areas. I went through the car wash recently and nearly had a panic attack. 

After Forrest's almost-broke-his-arm incident last month, I found myself afraid to take him to the park again. I was afraid he would fall. Or that he'd get pushed again and really break his arm this time (and, in the spiral of fear there, I'd take him to the pediatrician and they'd side eye my story of him being pushed again). He loves going to the park. He loves playing outside and exploring. But I found myself very nervous about taking him. What if something happened? 

But one thing I want for Forrest is for him to not have my anxiety. I've been trying hard not to express my anxiety around him, so that he doesn't see it and internalize having those kind of fears. I realized that if I don't want him to be afraid of the park for the rest of his life, we need to replace that memory of being pushed and getting hurt with memories of playing. 

So, we went to the park. He has developed a minor fear of going down slides, but he had fun running around and playing with two other kids his age we met there. He was brave. I was brave. 

3. Embracing Summer

I say this a lot, but I've always really disliked summer. Growing up with body image issues, summer always made me feel like I couldn't enjoy myself; I don't like wearing shorts and I definitely didn't like wearing bikinis. I also grew up 40 miles away from all my friends, so summers were often quite lonely for me. As I got older, I spent most of my summers working and saving money. And then, obviously, once I graduated college, summer meant just about the same thing as the rest of the year--just with hotter weather! 

This year, however, I'm trying to keep myself from being a grump about summer. I have a lot of negative energy surrounding summer (obviously)... but the best part about having a 2-year-old is that everything becomes super fun. I've bought Forrest some new outdoor toys. I have plans to build him a sandbox. And I find myself excitedly waiting for the weather to really stay nice so we can get out our outdoor furniture. 

What was your favorite part of May? 

4 Essential Items for Spring Travel

4 Essential Items for Spring Travel | Writing Between Pauses

It's Spring Break! At least for my husband, Danny. We always look forward to spring break because we spend it either visiting his parents or relaxing. This year, his parents are coming to us. 

I try not to turn trips into excuses to buy a whole bunch of new stuff. But there is something very exciting about treating yourself to a few little things for your trip, whether it's just a new makeup bag or an outfit. I put together a list of 4 great essential items to treat yourself to this year. Whether you're leaving tomorrow or in a few weeks, these will be perfect to take along. 

Spring Essentials Graphic

1. Wet'n'Wild 10-Pan Palette in "Nude Awakening", $4.99

I know what you're thinking: a $5 Wet'n'Wild eyeshadow palette? Listen, I thought the same thing when I first bought one of these palettes (they have them in 4 different color stories). But these shadows are really, really good. The Rose in the Air one is a dupe for Modern Renaissance. This palette is perfect for every kind of look: simple day looks, single shadow looks, and smoky, dramatic night looks. And for only $5, it's a total steal. 

2. ASOS Mix'n'Match Star Print Dress, $23

This dress is so cute: long enough without being fussy. And no weird cut outs. (Trust me, I checked.) I love the mix of star prints, as well as the shape; with the nipped in waist, it flatters every body type, but isn't so cinched that you'll be uncomfortable. 

3. Unique Vintage Hello Sunshine Sun Hat, $32

A sun hat, especially if you're traveling somewhere very warm, is an absolute must. Protecting your skin will keep you looking flawless. (So don't forget SPF either and if you tan, you're still damaging your skin!) I love this one from Unique Vintage; it's almost like it was made for cute Instagram photos. While it's a little spendy for $32, it's very sturdy and will hold up to just about everything. 

4. ModCloth Swan for the Books Make Up Bag, $14.99

Going on a trip means you need a new makeup bag, right? This one from ModCloth is so cute--and sturdy. I love the swan print; it's cute without being "too much." It's the perfect size for carrying everything you need for a short trip. Plus, it's on sale right now! 

Spring Color Series: Millennial Pink

Spring Color Series: Millennial Pink | Writing Between Pauses

Millennial pink has been on the radar for at least the last year. I definitely noticed a sharp uptick in people dying their hair a really pretty shade of pastel pink last year. As someone with naturally almost-black hair who, even with professional help can't bleach my hair beyond orange, I was really, really jealous. I also remember reading an article around the beginning of last summer about how millennial pink was "the" color of millennials.

It's a pretty fair assessment. Look at the packaging for Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty line. The packaging for Fenty, too, is a pale, pale pink. We're seeing pale pink--and all it's variations--in packaging, flat lays, everything. Rose, dusty pink, rose gold... they all fall into the millennial pink family and it's hot

To read last week's take on forest green, click here


Pink Collage
Pink Pantone

Millennial pink is an almost universally flattering color because it's come in so many shades. Can't pull of baby pink? Try something a little more lavender. Want to go bright? Millennial pink has your back. I mean, look at these Pantone swatches! Prefer a little more coral? It's there too! And this is just a single screenshot of what Pantone considers millennial pink. There are so many options! How isn't this a perfect color for Spring? 

Top 3 Picks

Adidas Gazelle

1. adidas Gazelle Shoes

When I was around 12, I wanted nothing more than a pair of Adidas Gazelle shoes with pink stripes. My mom got me white and blue ones instead (shout out, mom). But I'll be honest: these ones really tug my heart strings. Millennial pink!? Suede?! I'm in. I'm there. Paired with rolled up skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt or sweater and you've got the cutest outfit on the block. You're welcome. (And they're only $60! Why do I remember them being more expensive?) 

2. Snap Button Denim Jacket from Forever 21

I've been looking for a denim jacket for ages. They tend to bounce between too fitted and too boxy. This one seems to hit the sweet spot (at least on the model) and, of course, the millennial pink color makes it perfect for dressing your standard late winter outfit for spring. Over dresses and tights? Yes. Layered with a sweater and leggings? Absolutely. 

3. ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter in Parallel

I knew I wanted to include one makeup item here--and let me tell you, millennial pink is way easier than forest green when it comes to makeup! This ColourPop Highlighter is only $8, to start, and the sunset-reminiscent millennial pink color makes it perfect for almost all skin types. (I've seen it used as a blush too and it's absolutely beautiful!) The perfect way to add a pop of pink on even your dreariest days. 

Introducing: The Spring Color Series

Introducing: The Spring Color Series | Writing Between Pauses

Way back in November, I got the idea for a series about color for spring. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do, or how I was going to do it, but I knew I wanted to do it. I was excited to write about something different, to find ways to display color that were beyond the norm. I wrote it down on my editorial calendar for a few weeks, then immediately forgot about it. 

Remembering I have these posts coming up got me excited all over again. 


Forest Green

Millennial Pink

Canary Yellow

Way back in November, I ran a series of polls about colors people were most excited to see in spring. I figured November was a good time to ask; it was close enough to summer that people could still remember what the sun felt like, but not so in the depths of winter that people were getting wild with their ideas. (I think everyone gets a little too optimistic about how we will be dressing, come June, around mid-February!) 

Overwhelmingly, the most popular colors were: Forest Green; Millennial Pink (obviously); Gray; and Canary Yellow. A good mix of neutrals (I consider forest green to be a year-round neutral) and bright, spring colors. Also, all of these colors can look good together if done correctly. I'll be covering each color separately at first though, then going over some mixes. 

Which brings me to my next point: if you have a blog post that features one of these colors either in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, decor, or travel... send it to me! I want to see those photos, those links, and more. Just contact me via Twitter or Instagram (or email to your right). 

I hope you stick around for this exciting series. I'm quite excited to be doing it and I hope you'll love it!