Spring Color Series: Forest Green

Spring Color Series: Forest Green

When I first set out to take on this Spring color series, I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to do it. I knew I wanted to include not just style, but beauty items; and I knew I wanted it to be more than some kind of wish list post (which I love, but aren't the most original). I had a hard time really pinning down what I wanted this post to look like, but after a lot of hard work... I got there. (And it should be said: I'm writing this Tuesday evening. Since November, my posts have been scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance, so I've really been spending time thinking on this one!  

Color Series: Forest Green Inspiration

Forest green, to me, is a neutral. As a color, it can vary from the darkest shades to the lighter, olive tones, but it always recalls a deep, dark forest. It's a natural color and one that it almost universally flattering. Green has always been one of my favorite colors. Forest green pairs well with gray, pink, white and cream, black, and coral. 


When it came to finding inspiration, I picked anything that really inspired me to incorporate forest green into my style for the upcoming season. You know I love woodsy chic anything, so the forest green enamel mugs are right up my alley.

I'm looking to add forest green curtains to my living room to go with my lavender-gray wall, so decor pieces have been inspiring me lately. In terms of fashion for spring, forest green is a great color for cable knit sweaters; for those of us who have late summers, we're still wearing sweaters into April and May, and they pair well with skinny jeans and ankle boots. I think it's safe to say the world has been obsessed with palm print in the last few  years & it's probably not going away; I'm on the hunt, personally, for a palm print scarf that doesn't break the bank. 

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Top 5 Picks

Too Faced
Body Shop

Now, what 5 items are perfect for adding to your spring wardrobe or makeup collection to add some forest green? Let's talk. 

1. Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette

Controversially, I love Too Faced palettes; I know some don't love their eye shadow formulation, but I find it's easiest for me to use. This palette is particularly attractive to me--and that pop of forest green in the corner is making me think of ways to save up money for this palette! This palette also contains other complimentary colors, and a super bright pink for the days you aren't feeling so green. On my Spring Color Series Pinterest board, I pinned some ways to wear forest green eyeshadow. 

2. Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Midnight Wasabi

It's a green lipstick. You heard me: a green lipstick. Midnight Wasabi from Fenty is really causing waves and for good reason: it looks good on nearly everybody. It's a grey-toned green, almost olive, but still forest-y. And it's really pretty on. If you want to be adventurous with green with spring, Midnight Wasabi is where it's at. 

3. ModCloth's With Only a Wink Dress

It's been a long time since I genuinely wanted a dress from ModCloth so bad it hurt--but this dress is definitely giving me fashion-blogging-circa-2012 vibes. The lattice panel across the shoulders. The high waist with a bow. The floaty skirt. And in a toned down forest green, it's perfect for any special occasion (like a spring wedding!) and with a sweater & tights, you can wear it to work too. Once summer is here, a light cardigan on top and your favorite wedges make it a great weekend dress. Listen, I just planned this dress for every season; it's clearly the best. 

4. A Classic Fine Knit Sweater from H&M

I wear sweaters almost constantly. I rarely leave the house without a cardigan and my go-to outfit is jeans, ankle boots, and a sweater. So obviously, this sweater from H&M had to make the list; it's a classic shape with no surprises. Have you ever spotted a cute, lightweight sweater in a department store, walked over to it, and discovered it has some random cut out on the back, or some weird design on it? Yeah, that's the worst. That's why I like this sweater: it's the perfect, low-key sweater that you can wear casual on the weekends (jeans & ankle boots, natch) and style up for work (add a blazer & a pencil skirt). Plus, it's just under $20. That's a score! 

5. The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Scrub

You deserve a treat. A forest green treat. A green tea treat. I love the Body Shop & I recently found out they are officially cruelty-free again (a.k.a., no longer owned by a parent company that tests on animals). That means we can all enjoy their products guilt free. Like this Fuji Green Tea exfoliating scrub: forest green and smelling delicious, it gives you a much needed pick-me-up. Plus, we're all going to be wearing sleeveless tops soon (believe it and it'll be true, right?), which means we need to make sure our skin is looking snatched. 

Have something of the forest green variety to add? Let me know on Twitter & don't forget to check out my Spring Color Series board on Pinterest, where I've pinned all my inspiration, favorite items, and more! 

5 Short Hair Styles to Try this Spring

Short hair can be a huge pain. It can also be really, incredibly cute. 

I have followed the pattern (over and over again) of getting a pixie cut, growing it out, and then cutting it again... right when I'm done with the awkward growing out phase. And the awkward growing out phase is the worst

For this post, I wanted to share some short hair styles for spring. But I wanted to focus on that particular length of hair that is neither pixie length short nor long enough for a ponytail, or bun, or anything. It's that Super Awkward Length that everyone who has ever grown out a pixie cut remembers with horror. You have a little length. You have a little room to work. But it's still... not... enough. 

These hair styles are for you, fellow awkward hair length girls! 

1. Try this flatiron trick for waves

When in doubt, give your hair some texture. (If you already have curly hair, you're good.) Almost everyone looks good with a textured bob or lob. I love this tutorial from the Beauty Department on the flatiron trick, which I have only recently mastered. 

2. Try some cute braids

Short hair can get really annoying because it's always in your face. I love using braids to get it out of my eyes. This tutorial is pretty easy and has clear instructions (for the braiding challenged... like me). 

3. Do a half top knot

Thank god the 90s are back in style and we can say things like "half top knot" without getting a look of absolute disgust in return. I love wearing my hair in half ponytails, but it can get a little boring day after day after day. A half top knot, with a little fun texture, is a blessing. 

4. Try a short hair chignon

I love this tutorial because 1) it's a video! and 2) it is actually pretty easy. I did it myself! The idea of getting short hair into a chignon sounds daunting, but it's actually very easy. 

5. Try milkmaid braids

Listen: I cannot braid to save my life. I would need assistance for this one. But if you are better at braiding than me, give it a whirl! I love the look of milkmaid braids and this, like a chignon or the first braiding tutorial, can get your hair out of your face and eyes, while still looking cute. Plus, during the summer, you can get your hair off of your neck. 

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10 Spring Decor Ideas (You Can Use Right Now)

I have never, in my life, been involved in spring cleaning. Pretty much year round, I struggle to keep up with cleaning: the idea of doing a yearly clean out is ultimately appealing to me, but logistically impossible, especially now. Especially with Forrest. Most days, I can sweep my kitchen floors, wipe down my counters and sink, and start to dust before Forrest needs me (to play with him, to feel him, to hold him, or to just pay attention to him). 

That being said, I'm making a dedicated effort to clean my house more regularly, to get rid of clutter (I proudly threw away a bunch of knick knacks I just don't need the other day), and to work on projects I've been meaning to do for ages. Example: about 2 months before Forrest was born, my mom gave me a mirror with a frame and hooks for coats for my entryway. It leaned against a wall until last weekend. That's a solid 8 months, guys! 

I've been pinning home decor ideas like a mad woman recently. I've decided to start from the front of my house and move back and up (and, yes, obviously, I need to get the faucet that flooded my entryway fixed first, oops). I'm so excited to get my house looking like a put-together house, not just a place to hold a bunch of stuff! Here are some of the things I've been pinning lately. Hopefully they inspire you to get a little work done this spring! (Oh and you can always check out what I'm pinning for home decor by following my board here.) 

1. Get Rid of Bathroom Clutter.

My bathrooms are a weak point: to me, they need to be utilitarian because they get so much use. That being said, I also always wish my bathroom would look like a spa. But with a tiny amount of storage and a baby and a husband who isn't great at being clutter free, it's a challenge. I like all these ideas for organizing your bathroom--and bonus, most of the supplies you can find at the dollar store. 

2. Create Great Canisters for Bathrooms, Kitchens, or Kids Rooms!

I have a million coffee containers and formula tubs I've been saving for months. I don't know why I save them, but I always feel guilty throwing something so useful away. Now, there are tons of tutorials for painting containers and turning them into gorgeous storage containers for around your house. 

3. Use Letters and Thrift Store Frames 

Spelling words or names, or including your initials, in home design is a simple way to add a breath of fresh air this spring! Target sells letters in both large and small sizes--as well as a variety of punctuation. I painted Danny & I's initials teal and put them in the entryway... right above that 8-month-old mirror! I also like to go to thrift stores, buy the coolest frames I can find, and spray paint them to match existing decor. 

4. Get Your Pantry Under Control

About three days before Forrest was born, my mom went to Costco for Danny and I; as a result, Danny and his brother, Nate, put away all the groceries and since then... I cannot find a damn thing in my pantry. It's been 6 months! I need to take care of it! I'm loving this pantry and how it looks. 

5. Create a Terrarium

I've always loved succulents and I've recently become mildly obsessed with cacti. Terrariums are a perfect, no-stress way to include a little greenery in your home. 

6. Make that Entryway Less Embarrassing

Obviously, this is a personal one for me. I love these ideas for improving, organizing, and decorating entryways. Just because it's a place of transition doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a little TLC. 

7. Remind Yourself: Keep It Clean 

I am of the opinion that if you focus on cleaning a little bit every day, you can avoid doing big, massive cleans every week (or, uh, every 2 weeks...). This is a do as I say, not as I do kind of belief, of course. However, I love these tips for how to just keep your house clean. If you can follow through, it makes life so much more fun! 

8. Have a Guest Room? Make It Awesome. 

I love these guest room ideas! Some of them are easier than others. If you have a guest room (ours is Forrest's room... not that he uses it), it can be fun to make these just a little more beautiful, fun, and cozy for your guests. I especially love the framed wifi password! 

9. Clean Your Home Office

Personally, I have a stack of folders, files, and papers on my desk that's been growing/accumulating since September (yep, when Forrest was born)! Someday, I'll get it all filed and organized... and when that happens, I'll use some of these tips to get my office area cleaned up and looking better! 

10. Want a Picture Collage? Use These Tips 

Getting prints of Forrest, and creating a wall collage, has been on my to do list for ages. I love these tips for organizing, great looking collages. 

Share your spring decor tips and ideas with me on Twitter here!