5 Short Hair Styles to Try this Spring

Short hair can be a huge pain. It can also be really, incredibly cute. 

I have followed the pattern (over and over again) of getting a pixie cut, growing it out, and then cutting it again... right when I'm done with the awkward growing out phase. And the awkward growing out phase is the worst

For this post, I wanted to share some short hair styles for spring. But I wanted to focus on that particular length of hair that is neither pixie length short nor long enough for a ponytail, or bun, or anything. It's that Super Awkward Length that everyone who has ever grown out a pixie cut remembers with horror. You have a little length. You have a little room to work. But it's still... not... enough. 

These hair styles are for you, fellow awkward hair length girls! 

1. Try this flatiron trick for waves

When in doubt, give your hair some texture. (If you already have curly hair, you're good.) Almost everyone looks good with a textured bob or lob. I love this tutorial from the Beauty Department on the flatiron trick, which I have only recently mastered. 

2. Try some cute braids

Short hair can get really annoying because it's always in your face. I love using braids to get it out of my eyes. This tutorial is pretty easy and has clear instructions (for the braiding challenged... like me). 

3. Do a half top knot

Thank god the 90s are back in style and we can say things like "half top knot" without getting a look of absolute disgust in return. I love wearing my hair in half ponytails, but it can get a little boring day after day after day. A half top knot, with a little fun texture, is a blessing. 

4. Try a short hair chignon

I love this tutorial because 1) it's a video! and 2) it is actually pretty easy. I did it myself! The idea of getting short hair into a chignon sounds daunting, but it's actually very easy. 

5. Try milkmaid braids

Listen: I cannot braid to save my life. I would need assistance for this one. But if you are better at braiding than me, give it a whirl! I love the look of milkmaid braids and this, like a chignon or the first braiding tutorial, can get your hair out of your face and eyes, while still looking cute. Plus, during the summer, you can get your hair off of your neck. 

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