Holiday gift guide

A Sensible Gift Guide for: The Last Minute

It happens innocently enough: you pull into the parking lot at work, or you get a text from a friend about a holiday party. And you realize, suddenly, with only 3 days until Christmas... that you didn't get your boss, your mom, your aunt, your whoever, a gift. 

And while it wouldn't be a faux pas to not get that person a gift, it would also be kinda sorta super rude. What's a sensible gift buyer to do? 

Here are some ideas, available at your local mall, Target, or preferred shopping arena. 

1. A pretty (and cheap) palette. 

Have a girly friend that you totally forget to shop for? This palette (not the one pictured, because Sephora likes to change their links on me) is on sale for only $12.00 and features some amazing, neutral tones perfect for any skin tone

2. A preferred beverage & drinking receptacle. 

Coffee? Tea? Wine? Whatever? Pick a favorite (maybe a fancy Starbucks coffee blend or TAZO tea) and a cute mug. Package in a cute little Christmas bag with some tissue paper. Boom. Done.

4. A gift set. 

Burt's Bees gift sets are ubiquitous at my local haunts (Target, WalGreens, Wal-Mart) and are crazy affordable. This one is available at Target for $4.99. The best part about Target is that you can have one set aside via their website and that way, you don't even have to go into the store to look

I also like this one from Tarte. This Soap & Glory Set is only $20 at Ulta. There are tons to chose from and they make instantly perfect gifts. And, just a piece of advice: take the pieces out of the packaging and arrange them yourself. You can find a cheap basket or bin at Target, use tissue paper to make it pretty, and top it with a bow. Instantly personalized and less like you grabbed the first thing you saw. 

5. Fancy lip balm. 

Everyone loves lip balm, whether it's EOS or Tinte. The Tinte Vintage Slider lip balms come in some amazing flavors and you can find them at Ulta. A nice set of lip balms would make an excellent piece to add to another gift on this list. 

6. Socks.

I get ridiculously excited about sock purchases. And this time of year, you can find comfortable, warm socks just about everywhere. I love boot socks from American Eagle and these are on sale right now for only $3.50. You can get a few pairs and another gift for that special (erm) someone.