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A Busy Mom's Gift Guide for: Bloggers

A Busy Mom's Gift Guide for: Bloggers | Writing Between Pauses

In keeping with my gift guide series, I wanted to include a gift guide for a group that's very hard to shop for. I'm talking bloggers, of all shapes and varieties: body positivity bloggers; fitness bloggers; mom bloggers; lifestyle bloggers; fashion bloggers; and everyone in between. 

Blogging, and being an influencer, is big business these days. And most bloggers tend to be the kind of people that if they want or need something for their business, they just go ahead and get it. Even if it's something they just personally want, they aren't the type to just sit around and think about it. 

So if you love someone who is a blogger (and perhaps they've sent along this post to help you out with your shopping), this post is for you. 

Rose Gold Phone Stand | Writing Between Pauses
Marble Notebook for Blogger | Writing Between Pauses

1. Rose Gold Phone Stand

A phone stand comes in handy when you're working on your computer and also keeping track of all those notifications (like on Instagram). This one is rose gold, lightweight, and very affordable. Perfect for the girl with everything who just needs a hand, er, stand. 

2. Marble Notebook 

The blogger stereotype of loving marble is getting a little tired, isn't it? But I have two marble items on this list and by golly, it's not going away any time soon. This notebook is perfect for finally starting that bullet journal or just keeping track of posting schedules, content ideas, and more. 

Marble Adhesive | Writing Between Pauses
Floral Laptop Case | Writing Between Pauses

3. Adhesive Marble

Another day, another marble. If you've ever wondered how all bloggers seem to own marble surfaces, look not further. It's actually not a surface... it's vinyl cover. This final cover! And you can never have enough. You can use this adhesive marble on cups, boards, your desk... anywhere that needs a little cleaning up. 

4. Rose Pattern Laptop Case

A blogger's laptop is her key to success and this case is both affordable, cute,and roomy enough for everything, including a planner, notebook, and more. It's also perfectly Instagramable, so you're basically providing content with it! 

5. Items from the Beauty Crop**

The Beauty Crop has affordable, cruelty free, and all natural make up--perfect for any blogger who likes looking good and trying new things. I recommend the Espresso Yourself eye palette**, the Lovable Nudes Set**, and the Friday Night Lights Make Up Kit**. 

**Note: Links marked with double asterisks are affiliate links. This just means that I receive a small compensation from every purchase made through this link; this helps me keep Writing Between Pauses going. But believe me when I say, every recommendation is made honestly. To learn more about my disclosure policy, click here

A Busy Mom's Gift Guide for: Creatives

A Busy Mom's Gift Guide for Creatives | Writing Between Pauses

Every year, I try to think up some creative ideas for, uh, creative people. Creatives (that is, designers, writers, digital media workers, and the like) can be a fussy bunch, especially when it comes to gifts. They have really particular tastes and styles, so buying a gift can be really difficult. 

The truth is, I know I can seem difficult to shop for. However, I’m the kind of person who is happy with a gift card. For many, they don’t want to go that route for gifts. This gift guide is for you; if you’ve got a persnickety creative in your friend group who you need a gift for, look no further. 

1. Paper Trophy

Paper Trophy | Writing Between Pauses

I love these paper trophies! 3D paper art in the shape of a trophy (like a buck’s head) is a cute, quirky decoration for even the most finicky creative. I’m particularly fond of the rhino head and unicorn. They’re definitely more on the spendy side, so you can always go in with a few friends. 

Fidget Cube | Writing Between Pauses

2. A Fidget Cube

Most creatives work in high pressure environments; they tend to be always “on.” Fidget cubes are perfect for people with nervous energy they need to expel. I got one for my husband and he absolutely loves it. And for only $10, it’s the perfect little gift to go alongside a larger gift! 

Typography Cookie Cutters | Writing Between Pauses

3. These fancy cookie cutters

How cute are these? I’m obsessed with them. For the graphic designer you know, they’re so cool; and they’d be perfect for curated Instagram photos. (Please, just take a moment to imagine it.) Also, they’re only $18, so reasonable even for a Secret Santa gift! 

Grid & Guideline Notebook | Writing Between Pauses

4. Grids & Guides notebook

This notebook is perfect for visual thinkers… or for anyone who likes to keep their notebooks tidy. I just graph notebooks to keep my writing even. This one, especially, has a very good aesthetic with a variety of grids, guidelines, and tables. (Again, it would look great in an Instagram photo too!) And at less that $15, you’ll have a little leftover for an add on gift. 

A Sensible Gift Guide for: The Last Minute

It happens innocently enough: you pull into the parking lot at work, or you get a text from a friend about a holiday party. And you realize, suddenly, with only 3 days until Christmas... that you didn't get your boss, your mom, your aunt, your whoever, a gift. 

And while it wouldn't be a faux pas to not get that person a gift, it would also be kinda sorta super rude. What's a sensible gift buyer to do? 

Here are some ideas, available at your local mall, Target, or preferred shopping arena. 

1. A pretty (and cheap) palette. 

Have a girly friend that you totally forget to shop for? This palette (not the one pictured, because Sephora likes to change their links on me) is on sale for only $12.00 and features some amazing, neutral tones perfect for any skin tone

2. A preferred beverage & drinking receptacle. 

Coffee? Tea? Wine? Whatever? Pick a favorite (maybe a fancy Starbucks coffee blend or TAZO tea) and a cute mug. Package in a cute little Christmas bag with some tissue paper. Boom. Done.

4. A gift set. 

Burt's Bees gift sets are ubiquitous at my local haunts (Target, WalGreens, Wal-Mart) and are crazy affordable. This one is available at Target for $4.99. The best part about Target is that you can have one set aside via their website and that way, you don't even have to go into the store to look

I also like this one from Tarte. This Soap & Glory Set is only $20 at Ulta. There are tons to chose from and they make instantly perfect gifts. And, just a piece of advice: take the pieces out of the packaging and arrange them yourself. You can find a cheap basket or bin at Target, use tissue paper to make it pretty, and top it with a bow. Instantly personalized and less like you grabbed the first thing you saw. 

5. Fancy lip balm. 

Everyone loves lip balm, whether it's EOS or Tinte. The Tinte Vintage Slider lip balms come in some amazing flavors and you can find them at Ulta. A nice set of lip balms would make an excellent piece to add to another gift on this list. 

6. Socks.

I get ridiculously excited about sock purchases. And this time of year, you can find comfortable, warm socks just about everywhere. I love boot socks from American Eagle and these are on sale right now for only $3.50. You can get a few pairs and another gift for that special (erm) someone.  

A Sensible Gift Guide for: Writers

Every year, without fail, someone gets me a notebook. 

It's a thoughtful, loving gift. They know I'm a writer. They know I love to journal. They put two-and-two together and, boom! A notebook! It's perfect. 

I have stacks of notebooks. Stacks that I can't use because I'm obsessively dedicated to using only one variety of notebook (Moleskines, lined, red or black online) for my journals and notes. I buy others myself, use them a bit and then reject them in favor of my favorite. 

Writers are persnickety about writing supplies. (Or at least, I am.) If you know a writer, if you love that writer, you can feel a little confused at to what to get them for a gift. Don't worry--I'm here to help. 

1. A Cute Comfy Sweatshirt

Listen, not all writers like or drink coffee. But plenty do. And there are tons of cute, comfortable sweatshirts out there featuring clever sayings. Like this one. Writers need comfortable clothes, that are cute enough to walk outside in without having to worry about it. It's practical; it's cute; and if you know your writer friend well enough, you can find the perfect one for their personality. 

2. Some cute decor. 

There are a few options here: I love this wall art from Nordstrom, this rug (!) from Society6, and these Scrabble pillows from Etsy. Beautifying a workspace can help with motivation, but it's something that a lot of people put off. 

3. A cookbook 

Eating is important. Even if your writer friend isn't well-versed in the kitchen, a cookbook is a great gift to encourage your friend to eat, be merry, and relax. I like this one from World Market because it's especially aesthetically pleasing

4. A cute, clever pin or accessory

Whether it's a scarf, a cute hat, some mittens, a necklace, or a pin, a cute accessory that will fit their style and personality is always a great gift. (This goes for everyone on your list!) I love this Coffee Please pin, but other ideas include burger print socks, a cactus themed tote bag, or a great scarf

A Sensible Gift Guide for: Toddlers

Have a friend with a toddler? (Is that friend me? I hope it's me.) It's really, really tempting to go crazy in the toddler clothing and toy aisles. Trust me, I know. 

But please, friends, I beseech you: don't load your loved ones with toddlers with toys and clothes. Guaranteed, their toddlers probably already have more than enough of both. I created this gift guide to give people without kids (or who have older kids) an idea of what to get for toddlers--besides clothes and toys! 

1. Decor items

Toddler rooms are in transition: it's no longer a nursery, everything is safety-proofed, and the crib has possibly transformed into a toddler bed. Ask parents what kind of decor the parents would like for the room and find something cool. I love this pillow from TJ Maxx and this wall art from Etsy

2. Books

Toddlers are getting right to the age where books are fun. (Forrest will sit for a long time, for him, looking at his books now, which is exciting.) If you can think of nothing else, a favorite book of yours from childhood is a perfect and thoughtful gift. And if you're totally not sure, a gift card to a (local!) bookstore is also perfect. 

3. Toy storage solutions

The toys, at a certain point, no matter how organized I am as a parent, get out of control. Cute, clever storage options are a great gift idea, especially if they can be used in the toddler's room. I love these stacking boxes from Target, but there are tons of options out there. 

4. Wooden toys

If you really, really want to buy toys, I encourage you to buy wooden toys. The less plastic, the better. These wooden stacking dinosaurs are perfect for young toddlers; they're educational, durable, and fun. 

5. Blankets

Forrest loves blankets and it feels like I'm always looking for one to give to him. When it doubt, a cute, cozy blanket is a great gift. Toddlers can use them in bed, for naps, or on the floor--or for cuddling up with their parents. It's more of a family gift, actually. 

A Sensible Gift Guide for: Moms

Gift guides. Two words that you hear, roughly, every 5 minutes in the month of December. 

I'm here to add a little more clutter to that segment of the internet. You know why? Because sometimes, moms get forgotten in the gift guide mania. Gift guides are often created with the intention to be used by the primary shoppers in family units (re: moms). Gift guides are sometimes made for moms or wives to "treat themselves." 

That's not this gift guide. This gift guide is for you (you're a mom or maybe a wife or a girlfriend who wants some nice stuff because you're stressed) to subtly (subtly) send to your husband/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/whoever to give them ideas for your Christmas presents. 

So, take note people who are reading this lift to figure out what to get the mom in their life: these suggestions come from a mom who is just as exhausted as your person. I know what I'm talking about. 

1. Giftcards, giftcards, giftcards.

Listen, if you don't know what to get the mom in your life, I have two simple words for you: gift cards. Some people think gift cards are terrible gifts, but I would argue that, no, they are the best gifts. I get so excited when I get a gift card, especially to a place I already shop. Target, Sephora/Ulta, Starbucks... where does that special mom in your life like to treat herself? Get her a gift card for that store because most likely, she doesn't get the things she needs for herself very often. 

2. A really nice wine glass set & a bottle of wine. 

Not to play into stereotypes here, but most moms love a nice glass of wine after their wrestle their toddlers or young kids into bed. It really takes a lot out of you. Mostly, though, wine glasses are beautiful and a nice set is often something young families don't have, leading many moms to drink their wine out of coffee cups (no shame in that game). Throw in a bottle of your favorite wine and you're set. 

3. A journal or planner. 

Nothing says "I care about your mental wellbeing" like something to record thoughts or appointments in. I love getting a new journal for Christmas because journaling is incredibly relaxing and perfect for the end of the day. Pick one that's fancier than the average spiral bound notebook, prerferrably something that will look nice on Instagram. 

4. Candles.

Candles are often gifts that are thought of as boring or last minute. Nah! Candles are great because: 1) they smell nice, 2) they're relaxing, and 3) they look beautiful. I like this one from Zoella

5. Picture frames. 

Most moms have a ton of photos that they just, well, haven't gotten around to doing anything with. Personally, I'm always just a little behind when it comes to getting stuff framed and put up. Take the plunge and buy the mom in your life a nice set of frames (or even a collage frame). She'll appreciate it,  I promise. (You can even get a head start and frame all those photos she's been meaning to!) 

Want to know where everything from this photoset is from? Check it out on my Polyvore!