A Busy Mom's Gift Guide for: Bloggers

A Busy Mom's Gift Guide for: Bloggers | Writing Between Pauses

In keeping with my gift guide series, I wanted to include a gift guide for a group that's very hard to shop for. I'm talking bloggers, of all shapes and varieties: body positivity bloggers; fitness bloggers; mom bloggers; lifestyle bloggers; fashion bloggers; and everyone in between. 

Blogging, and being an influencer, is big business these days. And most bloggers tend to be the kind of people that if they want or need something for their business, they just go ahead and get it. Even if it's something they just personally want, they aren't the type to just sit around and think about it. 

So if you love someone who is a blogger (and perhaps they've sent along this post to help you out with your shopping), this post is for you. 

Rose Gold Phone Stand | Writing Between Pauses
Marble Notebook for Blogger | Writing Between Pauses

1. Rose Gold Phone Stand

A phone stand comes in handy when you're working on your computer and also keeping track of all those notifications (like on Instagram). This one is rose gold, lightweight, and very affordable. Perfect for the girl with everything who just needs a hand, er, stand. 

2. Marble Notebook 

The blogger stereotype of loving marble is getting a little tired, isn't it? But I have two marble items on this list and by golly, it's not going away any time soon. This notebook is perfect for finally starting that bullet journal or just keeping track of posting schedules, content ideas, and more. 

Marble Adhesive | Writing Between Pauses
Floral Laptop Case | Writing Between Pauses

3. Adhesive Marble

Another day, another marble. If you've ever wondered how all bloggers seem to own marble surfaces, look not further. It's actually not a surface... it's vinyl cover. This final cover! And you can never have enough. You can use this adhesive marble on cups, boards, your desk... anywhere that needs a little cleaning up. 

4. Rose Pattern Laptop Case

A blogger's laptop is her key to success and this case is both affordable, cute,and roomy enough for everything, including a planner, notebook, and more. It's also perfectly Instagramable, so you're basically providing content with it! 

5. Items from the Beauty Crop**

The Beauty Crop has affordable, cruelty free, and all natural make up--perfect for any blogger who likes looking good and trying new things. I recommend the Espresso Yourself eye palette**, the Lovable Nudes Set**, and the Friday Night Lights Make Up Kit**. 

**Note: Links marked with double asterisks are affiliate links. This just means that I receive a small compensation from every purchase made through this link; this helps me keep Writing Between Pauses going. But believe me when I say, every recommendation is made honestly. To learn more about my disclosure policy, click here