A Sensible Gift Guide for: Writers

Every year, without fail, someone gets me a notebook. 

It's a thoughtful, loving gift. They know I'm a writer. They know I love to journal. They put two-and-two together and, boom! A notebook! It's perfect. 

I have stacks of notebooks. Stacks that I can't use because I'm obsessively dedicated to using only one variety of notebook (Moleskines, lined, red or black online) for my journals and notes. I buy others myself, use them a bit and then reject them in favor of my favorite. 

Writers are persnickety about writing supplies. (Or at least, I am.) If you know a writer, if you love that writer, you can feel a little confused at to what to get them for a gift. Don't worry--I'm here to help. 

1. A Cute Comfy Sweatshirt

Listen, not all writers like or drink coffee. But plenty do. And there are tons of cute, comfortable sweatshirts out there featuring clever sayings. Like this one. Writers need comfortable clothes, that are cute enough to walk outside in without having to worry about it. It's practical; it's cute; and if you know your writer friend well enough, you can find the perfect one for their personality. 

2. Some cute decor. 

There are a few options here: I love this wall art from Nordstrom, this rug (!) from Society6, and these Scrabble pillows from Etsy. Beautifying a workspace can help with motivation, but it's something that a lot of people put off. 

3. A cookbook 

Eating is important. Even if your writer friend isn't well-versed in the kitchen, a cookbook is a great gift to encourage your friend to eat, be merry, and relax. I like this one from World Market because it's especially aesthetically pleasing

4. A cute, clever pin or accessory

Whether it's a scarf, a cute hat, some mittens, a necklace, or a pin, a cute accessory that will fit their style and personality is always a great gift. (This goes for everyone on your list!) I love this Coffee Please pin, but other ideas include burger print socks, a cactus themed tote bag, or a great scarf